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April 30 2015

Deleting it manually

There is a bug in my soup. So I'll have to delete it post by post. Was asked if keeping it as a "zombie" was okay. Well, it is not.

April 25 2015

delete me

delete me, plz. really.

April 18 2015

delete me

delete me

April 08 2015

delete me


Danke :3

April 05 2015

The functionality to delete your soup yourself was removed. I want my soup to be deleted. What do I have to do to achieve that?
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February 16 2015


you wanna fight? alright let’s take this outside! the stars are so bright tonight. the moon looks so nice. hold my hand

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February 15 2015

No thanks.
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February 08 2015

  • Papst Franziskus findet es in Ordnung, wenn Eltern ihr Kind schlagen, solange die Würde des Kindes gewahrt bleibe.
  • Ein Sprecher des Vatikans verteidigte die Aussagen des Papstes.
  • Papst Franziskus zu Erziehungsfragen - Panorama - Sü
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    January 31 2015

    Modekette - Photoshop-Piraterie: Adobe klagt Forever 21

    Internationale Modekette soll illegale Software-Kopien einsetzen
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    So I saw an ad on the back of a magazine this morning:


    I saw the * next to the gay and immediately thought it was going to be some sort of terms and conditions where they ask you to prove how gay you are or something equally stupid. So I had a look and this is what it said:


    And I was pleasantly surprised.

    Advertising, you’re doing it right.

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    Swinton-Bowie-Faceswap (Hoax of fame)

    Fake? Yes. Hoax: The faces have been swapped
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    *öffnet den Standard*

    Sexualmedizinerin: "Der Penis ist die Antenne des Herzens"

    *schließt den Standard*
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    January 29 2015

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    What’s wrong with this picture?

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this picture: assumption.

    This picture has gone viral as thousands of people deliver searing indictments of both smartphones and teens.

    I’ve met a couple of teens. I’ve had a couple smartphones. Could these teens be playing Angry Birds or texting stupid jokes to each other? Yeah, they could.

    But they could also be googling provenance for that painting or taking a second to text a friend about how amazing the museum is or completing an assignment given off-screen by someone standing just beside the photographer. They could be taking notes about the palette choice so that later they turn into a generation of artists that take your breath away.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, until proven otherwise. Welcome to 2014.

    They are actually using an app as part of their museum tour.

    yeah seriously guys, so many galleries and museums have apps these days that are usually cheaper to use than renting an audio guide of some sort. and even some places like the louvre, give you a phone or even nintendo 3ds as an audio guide. THINGS ARE NEVER QUITE WHAT THEY SEEM. THE CAMERA WILL ALWAYS LIE TO YOU.

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    The charge of "political correctness" is often used by those in a position of privilege to silence debates raised by marginalized people — to say that their concerns don't deserve to be voiced, much less addressed.
    The truth about "political correctness" is that it doesn't actually exist - Vox
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