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April 25 2015

delete me

delete me, plz. really.

April 18 2015

delete me

delete me

April 08 2015

delete me


Danke :3

April 07 2015

Also it looks like this post is somewhat broken. Besides, I forgot to add @kitchen to get some attention.

You also got mail to team@, hope my soup will be deleted sometime soon.

April 05 2015

The functionality to delete your soup yourself was removed. I want my soup to be deleted. What do I have to do to achieve that?

March 28 2015

Dead! Again?
(Dakota McFadzean)
Tags: Comic

February 22 2015

"50 Shades of Grey is only romantic because the guy is a billionaire. If he lived in a shack in the woods, it's an episode of Criminal Minds."
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A small Japanese puffer fish is the creator of one of the most spectacular animal-made structures. To impress the female puffer fish, the male labors 24 hours a day for a week to create a pattern in the sand. If the female finds his work satisfactory, she allows him to fertilize her eggs. She then lays them in the middle of the circle, leaving the male to guard the eggs alone.

Life Story (2014)

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February 21 2015

and the worst part about being in a broken relationship is being lonely with someone else.
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Biała Czapla
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